Baby Mary Janes

There’s nothing more precious and gets more “oohs” and “aaahs” at a baby shower than a pair of tiny newborn shoes.  Although my experience with my little ones and their shoes have been more of trying to keep them from falling off when they shuffle and rub their feet.  I have found that slip-on shoes just fall right off, and good luck keeping track of both pairs :), so I like this pattern that actually has the “buckle” right around the higher part of the ankle making it harder for them to kick off.  AND these are just so adorable with contrasting colors and decorated with little flowers.  

Materials: 2 colors of felt, Wonder Under, extra felt for flowers, velcro, hot glue gun, iron, needle and thread.  You don’t even need your sewing machine.  (I always prefer to fire away on my machine than have to sew by hand… BUT these shoes sew up really quickly and easily, even by hand.)
I purchased the pattern from Joyfolie and finally got around to trying out the pattern.  It was so easy and quick!  I’m looking forward to playing with different fabrics other than just felt for the pattern.  Also will try the loafer pattern that comes with the Mary Jane pattern, so look for it soon 🙂

 Perfect little gift for a baby shower!!!  And that’s what I’m using this pair for… a gift for a new little baby girl.