LrMobile2605-2016-0545156311874645028Hello~  I’m Flora (aka: Toki), thanks for visiting my blog!  I’m a stay home mom with three children and enjoy baking tasty treats, sewing for my kiddos, trying out new crafts, and hoarding beautiful fabric.  Growing up, I NEVER in a million years imagined myself staying home and actually baking, sewing, and cooking… but look at me now! And I’m loving it!  
So a little background info:  I’m Korean American and was blessed to grow up in a diverse community in Southern California with a close proximity to the Korea-towns of Garden Grove and L.A.  I grew up eating Korean food pretty much for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Looking back now, I should have enjoyed it more instead of complaining that we didn’t eat normal food like cereal for breakfast or mac&cheese for lunch.
Now I am living in the bay area of Northern California trying to recreate some of the nostalgic Korean/Asian dishes while also delving into a whole new world of diverse foods, baking, sewing, and crafts.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth and being able to create bakery style cakes and cookies at home was so mind-blowing that I ransacked my local library of all books having to do with baking and cakes and am constantly adding new recipes to my collection.  I have learned pretty cakes don’t always taste good and my mission is to make cakes that taste better than they look.
As for sewing, there are soo many great tutorials and resources online through youtube and blogs that after joining Pinterest, I just had to try my hand at sewing as well.  I love to visit all the wonderful sewing blogs out there that showcase beautiful, fun, and playful patterns and designs that help fill my insatiable appetite for pretty clothes and lovely patterns.  I am still amateur when it comes to sewing, but I take one project at a time and am learning as I sew.
Join me on my journey as I take on one creation at a time to enrich my life, my children’s lives, and others along the way!
Thank you for reading!!!


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