Oliver+S Puppet Show Tunic

 I made this tunic a few months ago but we moved and had a lot of changes happen so never got around to posting it.  I love this tunic by Oliver+S that I made from some fabric I had on hand.  I bought the digital pattern here and followed it as closely as I know how and I think it came out great!  The only problem is that I sewed on the cuff for the sleeve incorrectly so the overlap for the button and buttonhole ended up on the underside of the arm and not on the outside… oops!  I guess we won’t be adding a button on the cuff, but no biggie.  I’m happy with it (after beating myself up for a day).  Oh, and the OTHER problem is that my princess refuses to wear it………………. maybe her younger sister will.

Diapers and Wipes UNSTASHED

 I hate opening up my purse and seeing the spare diaper that is squished and wrinkled from my wallet and other very important stuff being jammed on top of it.  It makes me wonder if the diaper is even clean.  SO, I found a cute table runner at TJ Maxx in the clearance section for only $5 and bought it because the design of the fabric was beautiful and the weight of the fabric was really nice.  

I borrowed a book from the library: “Tilda’s Studio: over 50 fresh projects…” and saw a laptop case with this scalloped flap and edge-stitched design that I wanted to use for a diaper clutch.  I used my diaper, wipes case, and baby changing mat as a guide to cut out a long rectangle and modified the scalloped design for the flap found in the pattern section of the book.  Then I just did a tight zigzag stitch all along the edges which means I don’t have to worry about hiding a seam, flipping it right side out, and whatnot.  I then added a large snap button by hand.  By the way, I used up a whole spool of thread (although it was a small spool and thicker thread)  It does look like a large, flat envelope, but I think the design of the fabric and the stitching all along the edges makes it look nice.  

*UPDATE: Cut out a 10.75″ x 21.25″ rectangle of main, fabric, lining, and interfacing (if your fabric is lightweight).  Then fold it in half, lengthwise and cut out the scalloped flap on one end.  Fold up the straight end to match up with the flap and sew around the edges.  Here’s the pattern for the scalloped flap.  (When you print the pattern, make sure it doesn’t “reduce to fit” or the pattern will be off scale)

Fits diapers, wipes case and a baby changing mat with room to spare.  And it still fits in my purse!  yay!  No more ugly, misshapen diapers scrunched up in the bottom of my bag.

I can see this being a ipad/tablet case as well.