DIY Girl’s Bathing Suit


Wanna make your own little girl’s bathing suit?
It’s doable~ I’m seriously new to this whole sewing thing.  I’ve learned through DIY blogs/tutorials and although I’m sure I take a lot longer than most sewers, I’ve learned that you can do it.

So I first started with Avie’s bathing suit which is an 12-18m size and she’s definitely wearing 2T’s right now.  I traced the front and the back, but just half of it so you’d cut it on a fold later

See what I mean by just trace half?  Next time, I’m going to leave more fabric on the back bottom cuz after I assembled it, it seemed like it would barely fit a swim diaper

Cut 1 front, 1 back on fold, cut strips (double the width of the top) for the ruffles, and cut another strip for bias trim along the top front and back

use a loose stitch to gather the ruffles then 

pit it on and stitch it onto the front
then add the bias trim and pin it on/sew it on

do the same for the back minus the ruffles

*you will need to stretch the bias trim a bit in the back when you pin it so it doesn’t stretch loose*
*don’t need to stretch it for the front since it’s curved upwards and not inwards*

after sewing front 

I got a little to stretch happy with the back bias trim, but I think it just adds more character to it… ha ha

pin and sew the sides together

also do the same for the bottom crotch part

now the fun part… I should’ve been more generous w/ my seam allowance here at the leg openings where I need to add the elastic.  So I used regular elastic… since I didn’t feel like she was going to be wearing it in chlorine water too much that I’d worry about the elastic getting loose.  I measured it against the elastic I was going to use and folded and pinned the leg openings.  By the way, it’d be smart to measure your girl’s thigh/leg so it’ll be a good fit.

After you sew it very close to the edge (leaving enough room to pull the elastic and safety pin through), leave an opening to slip in the elastic and safety pin then pull it through and stitch it into place.

so there’s the after for the leg openings… see what I mean about the back bottom needing to be a bit wider to accommodate more booty
Now, for the strap around the neck, I tried to iron it in place but the spandex type material didn’t cooperate so I used tiny dots of liquid stitch to close it and make a nice strap.  Then sewed 2 lines at the middle edges.

added a bra/swimsuit clasp thing

Simple Crepes

This morning was just a crepes morning.  I had all my favorite ingredients so just needed to whip up the crepes and here’s the recipe I used:  I’ve used this recipe many times and always works just great.  So I whipped up some crepes while the kids whined about breakfast (cereal is a lot quicker… although this crepes recipe is faster than pancakes).

The recipe I linked really does make about 8 crepes, and here’s what I like to add to it:  Nutella, bananas, strawberries and sweetened whipped cream.  I like the REAL whipped cream so used my whisk and hand whipped it since I really didn’t feel like lugging out my stand mixer.  

Spread half of the crepe with Nutella, top it off w/ as much bananas and strawberries as you’d like and add a HUGE “dollop” (ha ha) of whipped cream and roll it up kind of like a burrito…
And of course Avie devoured it.  As for me… I ate two  🙂