Simple Crepes

This morning was just a crepes morning.  I had all my favorite ingredients so just needed to whip up the crepes and here’s the recipe I used:  I’ve used this recipe many times and always works just great.  So I whipped up some crepes while the kids whined about breakfast (cereal is a lot quicker… although this crepes recipe is faster than pancakes).

The recipe I linked really does make about 8 crepes, and here’s what I like to add to it:  Nutella, bananas, strawberries and sweetened whipped cream.  I like the REAL whipped cream so used my whisk and hand whipped it since I really didn’t feel like lugging out my stand mixer.  

Spread half of the crepe with Nutella, top it off w/ as much bananas and strawberries as you’d like and add a HUGE “dollop” (ha ha) of whipped cream and roll it up kind of like a burrito…
And of course Avie devoured it.  As for me… I ate two  🙂

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