Toki Hops, Toki Sews


“Toki” (rabbit in Korean) hops to it this Easter, but not soon enough and only finished one dress for my two girls!  Uh-Oh.  Good thing I pulled out a pretty satin dress with coral flower prints on it that the older one outgrew and was brand spankin’ new to this younger girl so we avoided a possible melt-down.  Whew!  Well, actually, if my younger girl didn’t get a dress, she probably would have pouted for a second then forgotten about it.  She’s pretty easy-going and very forgiving, which is a blessing since I’ve supposedly (according to some health articles) lost memory brain cells every time I had another child; quite unfortunate for all children involved.


Speaking of memory loss, I really wish I could remember where or when I got this pretty fabric, but I bought a lot of it (maybe 5 yards) and I had been saving it for a special occasion to make a dress out of it.  Not only is the big watercolor floral prints just beautiful, but the material itself is gorgeous; silky yet thick, definitely isn’t slippery, and doesn’t wrinkle too much.  Perfect material for a dress!


I revisited my favorite little girl’s dress pattern “The Fairy Tale Dress” by Oliver+S.  I bought the digital pattern, downloaded off the site, printed and pieced the pattern sheets together, and traced the pattern pieces for the correct sizes and view of the dress.  I made this dress in the size 6 and it fits my 6 yr old just right with a little growing room.

This is definitely a very “nice” dress, fully lined bodice, sleeves, and skirt with a layer of tulle with the skirt lining to create more lift and “fluff” to the skirt and has an invisible zipper.  It is a beautiful end product.

PicMonkey Collagepm

I used this pattern last year to make the above dress in a gorgeous blue and green print with the green Peter Pan collar and big green sash in the back.  I followed View B of the pattern to the T and loved how it turned out. Although, I did think the front waist could use a little sash because it did look a little “boring” aside from the collar at the top.  I do absolutely LOVE the big bow/sash in the back though.


This time, I made View A from the pattern with a few adjustments.  I got rid of the Peter Pan collar and cut the neckline out into more of a boat-neck rather than a very high-neck round.  I also used piping around the tulip sleeves and piping around the waist by using matching purple fabric with some cording to make the piping.  I bought very light gray cotton fabric to line the inside of the dress.

I LOVE how it turned out!   I think i spent a total of about 8-10 hours on this dress.  I procrastinated and started it Friday evening, stayed up until 1am, then worked on it again off and on Sat afternoon and into the wee hrs of Sat. night.  Good thing this dress will be handed off to my younger girl later so we can get as much mileage out of it before they both outgrow it.  Very spring and a nice sophisticated little girl’s dress perfect for this special Easter season where we remember the miracle and love of our Savior!


We had gone to the town Easter Egg Hunt for the last 2 yrs but didn’t go this year due to a busy game schedule, but luckily a friend was hosting one in her lovely backyard so the kids got a hunt in this season. We also did a cute scavenger hunt from Pinterest where they followed clues to find 3 big (plastic) eggs filled with candy (of course) at the end of it. They LOVed the clues and my oldest boy has since made a scavenger hunt for his two younger sisters and one for my husband and I with a lovely note at the end of the hunt.


Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and a nice spring holiday for others.

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Oliver+S Puppet Show Tunic

 I made this tunic a few months ago but we moved and had a lot of changes happen so never got around to posting it.  I love this tunic by Oliver+S that I made from some fabric I had on hand.  I bought the digital pattern here and followed it as closely as I know how and I think it came out great!  The only problem is that I sewed on the cuff for the sleeve incorrectly so the overlap for the button and buttonhole ended up on the underside of the arm and not on the outside… oops!  I guess we won’t be adding a button on the cuff, but no biggie.  I’m happy with it (after beating myself up for a day).  Oh, and the OTHER problem is that my princess refuses to wear it………………. maybe her younger sister will.

Oliver+S Messenger Bag

When I saw the “Oliver+S Little Things to Sew” book, I had to get it and it’s almost been a year and I’ve only now completed a few projects.  The messenger bag pattern comes in two sizes: small and large.  I made the small one (up to age 5) and supposedly the large can fit up to an adult.

I ended up breaking the promise to myself (to not buy more fabric) in order to make the messenger bag.  But hey, I didn’t have any canvas/home dec weight fabric! So there.  😉  I love the colors on the main fabric… makes it very playful and active.

My son’s really into airplanes so I used an airplane print for the lining although the color scheme doesn’t seem to really match the outside main fabric.  I would think it would’ve looked better with a lime green or orange lining, but it’s not bad and my son LOVES it.

The bag has pockets for pens/pencils inside the front lining as well as a bigger pocket for… an airplane?

There’s also two good size pockets in the front with flaps and pockets on both sides on the outside of the bag (below the straps).  I think next time I would want to makes those outside side pockets bigger and add elastic to the top so a small water bottle would be able to fit.

I had some difficulty finding the strap adjuster/slider for the straps.  I went to Joann’s and they didn’t have any… only buckles.  I went online and tried to find silver ones but they were out of stock!  So I went to Hancock Fabrics and found these black ones.  I had imagined my finished product with silver sliders so was very hesitant to buy the black plastic ones… but they actually look good.  I think the black accent colors on the fabric complement the black for the strap sliders.  YAY!

and here’s my son loving his new bag!  He said “It’s just like daddy’s!”