Striped Henley-type knit dress

I have a folder on my comp where I save pics of kids’ clothes that I like for future reference, and I decided to try this dress out from GAP.

 I know the dress I made doesn’t exactly look like this henley dress from GAP, but this is what I got my inspiration from.  
First off, I used the pattern I had for my daughter (which I made from tracing her shirt, add seam allowance), then cut out sleeves, and cut out two strips of fabric double the width of the bottom of the dress for the ruffles.

You can see I folded the solid color fabric so it’s double the width of the bottom.

Then sew the shoulders together with right sides of fabric facing each other.

Then get your sleeves and do a gather stitch and gather until it fits your armhole

Pin the sleeves onto the armhole then sew it together (again, right sides of fabric together)

This is what it should look like after you sewed on the sleeves

Now take the long strips you made for the ruffles, gather stitch them, then pin them onto the bottom of the dress w/ right sides together.  Sew it together

Now, this is another strip of fabric I cut to make the ruffles in the middle of the dress w/ the buttons.  I just eyed the measurements to what I thought would look good after gathering it.  Sew a gathering stitch in the middle and gather it.

Pin it onto the front, middle of the bodice and pin it in place.  

Sew it down with matching color thread then remove the loose gathering stitches so it looks neat.

Now for the neckline.  Take a good amount of solid fabric and iron it in half like so.

Then pin it onto the neckline while pulling the bias strip around the curves of the neckline.  So when you go to sew it on, you’ll have to stretch the bias strip.  That way your neckline isn’t stretched out and loose and ugly.

Now we’re going to add the elastic to the bottom of the sleeves, so iron and pin the bottom of the sleeve.  Make sure you leave enough room to pull the elastic and safety pin through.

After you sew the bottom of the sleeve, pull the elastic (with the help of a safety pin) through the sleeve to the opposite end, make sure you hold onto the other end of the elastic so it doesn’t get lost inside the sleeve. (I’m lazy and just stick the other end in my mouth…)

Then sew the sides of the dress and the bottom sides of the sleeve together with right sides of fabric together, and you’re done!!!  Oh, and just hand sew on the buttons.

I know the buttons look neon green, but they’re really not.  It’s a pretty combo w/ the navy blue.

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