Crab Rounds

This is a really simple but delicious side dish made with just a few ingredients.  The imitation crab meat from the local grocery tastes much better than the dry, frozen ones from the Korean market.  I usually buy the leg style since I like to use it to make California rolls, but the flake ones work just fine for this.

 I used one package of the crab meat, 4 eggs, 4 green onions, some mushrooms with some salt and pepper.  Mix the 4 eggs and add the crab meat (chopped or flaked), chopped green onions and sliced mushrooms (or the tiny mushrooms that don’t need to be sliced).  Then add some salt and pepper to it.

Heat a pan with some oil (I use cooking spray) and place about a tablespoon of the mix to make little rounds.  Cook over medium heat until it browns slightly then flip it and cook until the egg is done and enjoy.
We ate it as a side dish to our Seaweed Miso Soup and rice.  YUM!

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